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Do You Believe In Miracles? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Fantasies of Miracle

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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2004|01:01 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle

This is more of my fanfic that I posted earlier. I'm glad you guys liked it so that's what made me want to write more

Emily stepped in line behind a family renting a sailboat. When they finally finished she walked up to the window and asked to rent a jet ski.
“How old are you?” said the man at the counter.
“I’m 20 years old.” She responded.
The man frowned. “Sorry ma’am, you have to be 21 to drive one on your own.”
Emily looked down and started to turn.
“Wait!” said Eric, “I’m 23. If you want, you can go with me.”
She looked up at him and grinned. “You would be okay with that?”
He smiled back down at her, starting to relax. “Absolutely.”

So he went up to the window and made the purchase while she got her lifejacket on. They met up and started walking towards the end of the dock where the jet ski was waiting. Before they mounted it, Eric stopped and said “Before I ask you to wrap your arms around me, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Eric.”
Emily laughed, “Hi, Eric. I’m Emily.”
While Emily started to get on, Eric took his shirt off to put his lifejacket on. Emily blushed and had to look down, covering her mouth to hide her smile. The he sat down in front of her and she put her arms around his waist.
“Ready to go?” Eric called back behind him.
“Yep!” Emily exclaimed.
So he started it up and they headed out of the harbor. As they passed the restaurant on their way, Eric caught a glimpse of Patrick, Billy, and Michael whooping and clapping at him.
“Who are those guys?” said Emily.
“No clue.” He answered.
As soon as they got out of the harbor, Eric picked it up to full speed. Emily realized quickly that he had obviously done this before. He was making sharp turns at full speed and hitting the wakes of speed boats perfectly so they even caught air. They were laughing and cheering the whole way.

About 45 minutes passed and they slowed down and headed back towards the dock. After they had gotten off and were heading back up the walk, Emily turned to Eric.
“Thank you so much for doing that. That was really fun.”
“No problem” Eric said, “It was my pleasure.”
“Is there anything I can do to pay you back?” asked Emily.
“Nah, no need. You don’t have to.” Eric said. Although he was thinking something. He knew what his buddy Michael would do in a situation like this. There was this pretty girl walking with you, asking you if there was anything she could do for you to return a favor. Of course Mike would have grabbed at this as an opportunity to get a date of the deal. Too bad Eric wasn’t that forward. The last time he remembered getting the guts to ask a girl out was in 10th grade, so he couldn’t imagine taking that risk now.
But Emily beat him to the punch.
“How about I buy you a drink over there?”
Eric smiled, amazed as his luck to have found a girl that wasn’t afraid to make a move.
“Yeah, that sounds great.”

Chapter 3

As they walked up to the bar, Eric looked over to the table where the guys were sitting, but they had left…probably heading back to the rooms. Or perhaps they wanted to go find some girls of their own. Seems like something they would do, thought Eric.

They chatted for a while over Strawberry Daquari and learned a bit more about eachother. It seemed necessary to know at least where they were from after they shared a jet ski together.

At one point, Emily looked around and realized that it was dark out.
“Whoa, how long have we been here?”
Eric looked around to and noticed that some of the chairs were in stacks and waiters were wiping off the tables.
“Jeez, I totally lost track of time.”
They both laughed with disbelief.
“Well I’ll pick up this tab since you took care of the jet ski,” said Emily with a smile, “Then I’ll have paid off about one fourth of what I owe you.”
After they were shooed from the restaurant by a tired hostess, they strolled in the darkness towards the cottages.
“Where are you staying?” asked Eric.
“Umm…I think it’s 504.”
“Seriously? I’m in 501.”
“Awesome! I guess we’ll be seeing eachother again then!” said Emily, grinning.
Eric smiled and thought about how lucky he was that it was too dark for her to have seen him blush.
When they finally reached the driveway to the cottages, they said goodbye to go their separate ways.
“Thank you so much for everything, Eric. It was really fun.”
“Absolutely. Maybe we can meet up again soon?”
“Sure! I’m here for a while so just stop by and visit if you want.”

There was an awkward moment before they split up when Eric stiffly stuck out his hand and Emily shook it. As they walked away from eachother, Emily laughed a little while Eric silently smacked his head for actually shaking the girl’s hand.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2004|10:41 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle
here is a fic me and my buddie lauren rangerschick88 have been working on for the last couple weeks were up to chapter 8 i think..if you guys like the first chapter i'll post the second one. hope you all like and feedback is always welcome.

chapter 1Collapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2004|08:24 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle

Okay, all of these fanfics have sort of given me inspiration, and I've been typing nonstop. So I decided to take a leap and post the first few chapters here. I would LOVE to hear your feedback. These are Chapters 1,2, and the first half of 3. I hope you like it!!!

Chapter 1

Emily was a stressed out 20 year old college student who was in the midst of one of her toughest years at Boston College. She was already an easily stressed person as it is, but having been bombarded with a thesis assignment and various exams, she thought she was going to lose her mind.
Luckily, spring break was around the corner, and she was anxious to have that time off.
One thing she definitely wanted to do was to get out of Boston. She loved the city and everything about it, but she did have the need for a change of climate and environment. She was remembering a trip that she had taken with her family to San Diego the previous summer. She had really enjoyed it and now she was considering going back for another visit. She also had a friend that lived in the city that she hadn’t seen in a while, so she was excited at the idea of seeing her again.
Within a week, plans had been made. She was set for a flight to San Diego for, unbelievably, two weeks! There was a resort where she had stayed the last time called Paradise Point, and she loved it, so she made reservations there for another stay.
One night, a week before she was to leave, she fell down on her bed, smiling. “Finally,” she thought, “I have something to look forward to.”

Chapter 2

The next week went by in a blur. It was nothing but all nighters in the library and tests all day in the classroom. But while Emily worked, in the back of her mind was the constant excitement that soon enough it would all be over and she had a trip to California on the horizon.
Finally, after finishing her last exam of the quarter, she went straight to her apartment and began packing. Then she got the first decent night’s sleep she had gotten in what seemed like eons, and the next day she was on the plane.
The flight couldn’t have gone fast enough. But eventually she landed, got her bags and took a cab to the resort.
Unbeknownst to her, her parents had been frequent guests at the Paradise Point while she was off at school, so she got special treatment. They showed her to her room, which turned out to be a small cottage right on the beach.
The first thing she did was change from her jeans and a sweater to a bathing suit and shorts. Then she put on her flip flops and headed out to take a look around.

Chapter 3

After some nice wandering throughout the ponds and pathways of Paradise Point, she came upon a small outdoor restaurant and bar that was right on the water next to the docks. She slowly walked down to the dock and sat on the edge, dangling her feet in the cool water.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, four young guys were eating lunch. Eric, Michael, Billy, and Patrick had saved up some money through various small acting jobs and Eric’s music gigs to head up from LA for a couple weeks to hang out and relax together. While Eric chewed on the last of his chicken, he looked up and saw a girl sitting on the dock in the distance. Why she stood out to him so much, he wasn’t sure. She was gorgeous, with soft looking auburn hair that went just past her shoulders and a beautiful face, but there was something else about her. Some aura or something. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
“Uh, earth to Eric. What are ya lookin’ at man?”
Michael’s voice suddenly brought Eric back to earth. He gave his head a shake.
“Um….nothing, just…nothing.”
Michael pressed further. “Seriously man, you were staring at something. What was it?”
“Well…..do you see that girl over there? Sitting on the dock.”
“Yeah I see her,” Michael said.
“She’s really pretty,” piped in Billy.
There was a second of silence and Eric looked back at his food, but Michael still looked at him with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, like he knew something good was going on.
“You wanna go talk to her don’t you?” he said with a smile.
“No, I couldn’t.” Eric said quietly.
“Why not?” asked Patrick.
“Come on man!” yelled Michael. He stood up out of his chair in a moment of enthusiasm. “Just talk to her!”
Eric didn’t say anything. He just blushed and slowly got up from his chair. As he began walking over, the boys gave a cheer and he spun around to give them a dirty look.

As Emily stared at the water, she heard the sound of a jet ski speeding through the water. She looked up and saw it, suddenly getting the urge to give it a try. She leapt up, almost running into a guy walking by.
“Sorry!” she yelled over her shoulder as she hurried towards the booth.
“No problem.” Said Eric, feeling a bit defeated. He looked back at the table. The guys were watching him and mouthing “Follow her! Go!” to him.
He shook his head, but followed her and got in line, not knowing what he was going to do when he was next up to the window.
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how rusty am I? [Aug. 14th, 2004|12:21 am]
The Fantasies of Miracle

[mood |creative]

Here’s a little something I cooked up to amuse myself, and to see if I could still write fiction. It’s a modification of the Christmas seen in the movie. “Krista” is a student at U Minn, and waitress at a bar that is the unofficial hangout of the team. She knows them all well, especially the Minnesota boys, having worked at the bar the previous 3 years to pay for school. She wasn’t able to fly home to see her family for Christmas, so the boys invited her to their celebration…

“Your girl left these at my place,” Mac was saying as Silky opened the box, “with some, uh, milk and cookies.”

“Unbelievable,” Silky mumbled, holding the panties and blushing while his teammates hooted and hollered. “Okay, okay, my turn. Come here, Krista.” He reached for a small white box that was lying on the table, and looked at where Krista was standing with Magic near the entrance to the kitchen. “Come on, it won’t be as bad as mine,” he smiled.

Krista smiled back and rolled her eyes in mock annoyance. “All right,” she said, walking over to Silky.

“We wanted to get something for our favorite waitress for putting up with all our crap.”

Krista laughed. “It must be the keys to a Porsche, then.”

“Noooo, but you have to open with Rizzo.”

“With Rizzo? How come?” she asked.

“You’ll see when you open it,” he told her.

Krista looked across the room at Rizzo, trying to figure out what exactly was going on, but he seemed as clueless as she was. So, with a shrug of her shoulders, and an ominous glance at Silky, she walked around the table to where Rizzo was sitting.

He rose as she approached, and smiled shyly at her, an expression which she returned oblivious to the winks and nudges being traded around the table. It was a well known secret among the boys that Rizzo was pretty smitten with Krista, and all were sure she harbored the same feelings, but so far nothing passed friendship had developed between the two.

“You don’t know anything about this?” she asked when she reached him.

“I’m as in the dark as you are,” he laughed.

“Oh boy. This is going to be interesting then,” she said, grinning. “Shall we?”

“You do it,” he said, putting his arm around her shoulders. “It’s your present.”

 She nodded, and turned her attention to the box in her hand. It was about the size one might expect of a box that contained a large pin or other piece of jewelry, and had a bright red bow on the top. Mercifully, it was not taped shut, so she lifted the top off and peeked inside.

 “What is it?” Rizzo asked.

She threw her head back and laughed. “This is why I had to open it with Rizzo!”

“What is it?” he asked again.

“It’s mistletoe.”

At that the boys went crazy. Rizzo blushed crimson and looked down at Krista, who looked up at him, still giggling.

“I believe there’s a tradition involving mistletoe at Christmas…” Jimmy began before being interrupted.

“Kiss her!” shouted O.C.

 “Yeah, Rizzo, kiss her!” Bah urged.

 “Come on!” yelled Mac.

 Rizzo turned to face Krista, his arm slipping from her shoulders to her waist. She turned into him as well, sliding her hands up to his shoulders, and stopped giggling. He looked into her bright blue eyes, she into his dark brown ones. They shared another shy smile as he leaned in and kissed her softly. His arms tightened around her waist, hers around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair as their lips drew apart.

 “Yeah baby!” It was O.C. again, and his exclamation touched off whistles and catcalls from the rest of the team. Coach Patrick laughed, and even Herb smiled through the commotion. Krista and Rizzo grinned at each other.

Suddenly becoming conscious of how many people were in the room, Krista turned in Rizzo’s arms. “Thanks boys,” she said. “Best Christmas present I ever got.”

The team broke into applause, and Krista moved to head back to her place in the kitchen entryway.

“Sit here with me,” Rizzo said, leading her over to his chair and pulling her down on his lap. She smiled agreement, and leaned back against him, settling into his arms.

Jimmy, in his Santa suit, rose from his chair near the Christmas tree. “We still got two more presents to open up…”

So how did I do?  Be honest...

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Here is my fanfic... [Aug. 12th, 2004|09:36 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Berlin-Take My Breath Away]

Hey Girls,
I decided to share my fanfic with you all...i wrote this awhile back. it's between me and mike ramsey cause my favorite miracle boy is Joe Cure...I love him he's so cute! so feel free to comment on this and hope you like it.

Mike Ramsey was sitting at a table with his teammates when Bah Harrington said," man i wish some good looking chicks would come in now." Mike rolled his eyes as his comment saying," is that all you think about is hot chicks man?" He looked at mike and shook his head and said,"yes." All the guys laughed at the thought of him getting a women; Harrington of the pack was the ladies man and he loved the women and they sure did love him. Just as that happened 4 unibeviable beautiful girls walked in and sat down at the table not to far from them. They all watched the girls who were talking and laughing with each other. "Man Oh Man,"Bah said out loud; they sure are some goregous girls. Mike nodded at that and looked in particular at the one with short brown hair wear a tan short skirt, black tank top, and slim black jacket. She had a goregous smile and beautful figure and loved how the her hair hit face slightly when she laughed. He was totally in love with her and he had no clue who she was. He saw a hand wave in her face just as that happened; they guys all laughed at him, "man you see someone you like over there or what in hell are you looking at?" He nodded and said,"yeah, you see that girl in short tan skirt and short brown hair laughing?" They all nodded and said,"yeah she is a cute girl." Mike nodded and said,"I'm gonna go say something to her." Go get her mike, they all said to him as he got up and began to walk over.

Meg looked at her friends then calmly saying," I am so glad I came tonight with you girls; I have no clue why I wanted to stay home and watch a movie; I am having a lot of fun. Libby looked at her laughed," well it took some persuavsiveness to get out girl and were all glad you came." as that happened manda looked up the good looking, tall, brown haired hockey player that was coming to the table and coughed so everyone would notice. Meg looked over at the guy and her jaw dropped; he was so cute and handsome she thought to herself as he was walking straight to her. She looked at her friends smiling widly. He finally got to the table and calmly said,"Hi, I'm Mike; I noticed you from across the room and was wondering if you would like to dance." Sure," she stuttered out as getting up from the grinning widly as her friends. They made there way slowly onto the dance floor as she looked at him laughed,"by the way I'm Meg." He looked at her and laughed back with her and he loved the way the lights hit her face.

They began dancing with the music laughing and talking with each other; she noticed her friends out on the dance floor; Manda and Pav were hitting it off completly; Buzzy and Janine were dancing slowly to the music and so were Johnson and Libby. she was so glad she came here tonight and it was so awesome that her friends were having a great time. A slow song came on the dance floor and her grip around his neck became tighter as they moved to a secluded spot on the dance floor as he tighted his grip around her waist to the music he could her heartbeat rapidly going and so was his. He then backed up taking her head in his hands as she blused deeply red as he whispered to her," Meg, I think you are the most amazing girl I have ever met and I think you have the most goregous eyes he said as he leaned to kiss her softly on the lips. He could feel her hearbeat go faster and faster and could smell the sweet smell of her perfume. She could smell the taste of beer on his breath and could smell his colenge as he kissed her more as she ran her hands through his hair. They finally broke apart and she smiled sweetly to her. "soo....wanna get out here go for a walk or something?" she looked at him and said,"Yes mike I would love to do that." They both walked off the dancefloor and out the club door holding hands not knowing what was going to happen next.
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Hola! [Aug. 2nd, 2004|11:38 am]
The Fantasies of Miracle
[mood |awake]
[music |"Lady Marmalade" - Lil Kim, Mya, Pink and Christina Aguilera]

I wrote this a while ago, this is my fanfic about Bah and I! lol. That's bascially it!

One Glance

Chapter 1

"Good Morning New York City!!! Wake up all you sleepy-heads! This is Woodman in the morning with your ten songs in a row on K104."
Lauren reached sleepily over toward her nightstand and smacked her radio/alarm clock.
"Shut the hell up." she mummbled into her pillow. Begrudgingly, Lauren sat up in her bed, ran a hand through her tangled mess of culry, dark-red hair and finally got out of bed.
The walk from the bedroom to the kitchen was short, considering how the apartment itself was tiny. Modern, but tiny. When you first entered the apartment, you'd walk down a flight of seven stairs into a little hallway. To the left, was the bathroom. In front, was the bedroom, and to the right, was the closet that doubled as a laundry room and another short hallway that led into the living room/kitchen/dinning room. It wasn't the apartment itself that Lauren wanted when she first bought it; it was the view. You could see all of New York City from the main window in the living room. Sometimes, late at night, Lauren would just sit on her couch and look out into the night at the New York City skyline.
Nelly, Lauren's bouncy Beagle puppy, was already in the kitchen anxiously waiting for her breakfast. Lauren ignored Nelly and put the coffee pot on. She leaned against the counter to wait for her coffee. Lauren glanced down to see a pair of big, brown eyes staring back up at her.
"What?" asked Lauren. Nelly whimpered. Lauren let out a deep sigh and said, "Alright." She walked over to the refridgerator and pulled out a can of dog food. She dished the food into Nelly's bowl.
Lauren was about to get her coffee when the phone rang.
"Hello?" asked Lauren.
"Laur, where are you?!" exclaimed the very panicky voice on the other end.
"Meg?" asked Lauren.
"No, it's Eric Lindros," said Lauren's best friend, Meg sarcastically, "Of course it's Meg!"
"What do you mean where am I, I'm at home, duh." said Lauren.
"Lauren, it's 8:15, you're suppose to be here, ya know, at work!" yelled Meg.
"Meg, I don't go in 'till noon." said Lauren.
"Um, that's not what the schedule says." said Meg matter-of-factly.
"What do you mean?" asked Lauren, slowly.
"You-are-late-for-work." said Meg.
"Holy crap!" exclaimed Lauren, "I have to go!"
"I'll see ya in bit Meg! Bye!" Lauren quickly hung up the phone and nealy lunged into her bedroom to get dressed. She grabbed her work uniform which consisted of ugly, low-heel, plain black shoes; black stockings; a short, black mini-skirt; a black vest; a plain white blouse and a black tie. The typical outfit for a New York City waitress.
Lauren brushed her teeth and threw her curly hair into a sloppy pony-tail. She grabbed her purse and house keys and left the apartment.
The walk from the apartment building to the Marriot Marquis hotel was only four blocks. Lauren had finally reached the hotel at around 8:40ish. She quickly jumped into the elevator and headed up to the 8th floor to the revolving 'Times Square' cafe that obviously looked out at Times Square.
"There you are!" exclaimed Meg, rushing over to Lauren, "Nancy was checking to see that you were here earlier. I had to cover for you just so know."
"Oh my god, thank you so much! I owe you one Meg!" exclaimed Lauren. Meg smiled, handed Lauren her apron and said, "As always."


Lauren stared out the large, glass window at the many tourists down below in Times Square.
"Laur, that table over there are waiting for their drinks." said Meg. Lauren tore her gaze away from Times Square and walked over to her table to give them their drinks.
"Hey Laur it's 5, our shift is over." said Meg untying her little, black apron.
"Really? Already?" asked Lauren.
"Wow, the day sure went quickly." said Lauren. She went to go put her apron and notepad away wioth Meg.
"The girls and I are going out later, do you want to come?" asked Meg.
"Well, I dunno." answered Lauren grabbing her purse. The two women strated to head out of the hotel.
"Why not?" asked Meg, "It would be so much fun, besides you need to get out more often."
"I was only kidding." laughed Meg.
"Yeah I know," said Lauren, "I just have a lot to do though."
"Yeah like what?" asked Meg.
"Do the laundry, take care of Nelly, pay bills, etc.." lied Lauren.
"Mmmhmm, sure..." said Meg, obviously not convinced. "Come on Laur, you never have any fun anymore!"
"Meg, I have classes tomorrow morning. You know Monday; school day." said Lauren.
"Please??? Come on Laur! Everybody's gonna be there! Amanda, Janine, Kelli, Carly, everyone!" exclaimed Meg.
"I'll think about it." said Lauren. Meg squeeled and said, "Good! I gotta get going, I'll see ya later!" Meg waved goodbye and then headed down to the subway.


It was already quarter after 8. Lauren was sitting on the couch in a her blue, pajama shorts and blue "Orange County Choppers" shirt, basically just watching TV.
The phone rang during a commercial break.
"Hello?" asked Lauren.
"Hey!" exclaimed the familiar Irish voice on the other end.
"Hey Manda." said Lauren plopping back down on the couch.
"Meg says you might be going tonite." said Amanda.
"Oh c'mon you should! Besides, I want to drunk!" exclaimed Amanda.
"Amanda, where are you? I can barely hear you." said Lauren, practically shouting so that Amanda could hear her over the loud noise at the other end.
"The club, where we always hang." replied Amanda.
"Lauren will you just get over here?! Swallow your damn pride, get dressed, call a cab and get your ass down here!" said Amanda. Lauren couldn't help but just laugh.
"Yes ma'am! I'm comming."

Chapter 2

It a matter of 20 minutes, Lauren had hopped into the shower and dried off. She started fishing through her closet to try and find anything remotely nice. She found the perfect outfit and started to get dressed. She was wearing a pair of low-rise, denim, hip-huggers; a pair of black, spike-heeld shoes and a sparkily, blue v-neck, halter.
Lauren brushed out her shoulder-lengh hair and pinned a portion of it up and left a few curls hanging. She put on her diamond cross and silver "Lauren" nameplate and well as her favorite hockey necklace. It wasn't much, just a black cord with a blue hockey skate charm from Claire's. As for earrings, Lauren went with her pair of silver, chandeliers for her first hole and diamond studs for her second hole. The piece of jewelery, were rings. On her left hand, Lauren wore her silver "spoon-handle" ring and her silver "Lauren" nameplate and on her right hand, she wore her gold school ring form CCHS and her great-grandmother's wedding ring.
The outfit was finally complete.
Lauren unpluged her cell phone from it's charger and threw it into her purse, along with a package Eclipse gum and a small container of Advil. She looked around the apartment one last time, and then left.


Hesitantly, Lauren stood outside the club, debating whether or not to go in.
"What the hell." she said to herself as she decided to just go in.
The club, as usual, was busy and loud. Lauren spotted the "girls" almost immediatley, considering how they were at the same table they always sat at.
"Lauren you came!" exclaimed Meg. Lauren smiled and joined the girls at the table.
Meg was right; everyone was there. The entire group of ten girls. Amanda, the fiesty, fiery Irish woman from Georgia; Meg, Lauren's best friend from Kansas; Janine from Maryland; Chrissy and Ashley, the Texans; Carly and Steph, both from Arizona; Kelli from Indiana; Sam, the New Jersey native and Libby from Miami. None of the girls were originally from New York, but each one left there homes to persure big dreams in New York, and it made it their home. The girls were all very different, but had one thing in common; the love of hockey. That's originally how they all met, at a hockey website. They all became friends off the bat and have together since.
"Laur, you came just in time!" exclaimed Carly.
"What do you mean?" asked Lauren, taking a seat in between Janine and Ashley.
"See that table of guys over there?" asked Kelli pointing to a table not far from theirs.
"Yeah, so?"
"They're hockey players!" exclaimed Libby.
"How do you know?" asked Lauren.
"Amanda went over and asked the bartender. He seems to know them pretty well." said Steph.
"Have you talked to them at all?" asked Lauren.
"No, not yet." said Sam.
"Are you going to?"
"I will." said Amanda very casually, "The one with the big ears is pretty hot!" The girls started laughing.
Just then, a waitress came over to the girls' table and started passing out beers.
"Um, we didn't order these." said Janine.
"No, the guys over there, did for you." said the waitress pointing to the hockey players' table. The hockey players pretended to be talking so that it wouldn't look so obvious when the girls received their beers.
"Yeah, well invite them over." said Ashley to the waitress.
"Sure" said the waitress, she handed the last beer out and then walked back over top the guys' table. Once the waitress left their table, the guys all got up from their seats and headed over to the girls' table.
"Oh my god, they're actually comming over here." said Sam, somewhat pleased and somewhat in shock.
One of the guys, was definitely the "leader of the group", considering how he was the first to talk.
"Hope you lovely ladies enjoy your beers." he said.
"I'm sure we will." said Libby in a firty sort of tone.
"By the way, I'm Bah." said the "leader". He smiled boyishly at Lauren, who immediately started blushing.
"This is Johnson, OC, Rammer, Buzzy, Pav, Jimmy and Rizzo." said Bah.
"Those aren't your real names are they?" asked Steph.
"No." replied Bah.
"Thank god." mumbled Steph under her breath. You could tell that each of the guys was different than the other. Bah was the leader, but also the clumsy goofball too. OC was the good looking all-star and playboy. Buzzy was like the "pimp". Rizzo was more of the peacekeeper, like Janine was in the girls' group. Rammer was the charmer. Jimmy and Pav were both kind of the "normal" guys, shy yet, sexy and Johnson was the shy little boy. He stood behind all the other guys, a bit overcome by so many good-looking women. Carly, Libby and Ashley all eyed him intently.
"I'm Amanda, that's Janine, Carly, Lauren, Ashley, Libby, Meg, Kelli, Steph, Sam and Chrissy." said Amanda.
"Pleasure to you meet you all." said Bah.
"I pretty sure the pleasure is ALL ours" said Carly to Steph.
"Enjoy your beers." Bah smiled one last time at Lauren and then he and the guys' went back to their table.
"Awww, they're so shy!" said Chrissy.
"I think they're adorable, especially that Buzzy one." said Janine.
"Me too!" agreed Chrissy.
"I saw Bah checkin' out Miss Shy Lil Lauren here!" teased Meg. Lauren started blushing.
"Well, like I said, I like the one with the big ears! I think his name was Pav." said Amanda.
The song in the club turned to a slow song and the place quieted down.
"I think I want to ask OC to dance." said Steph.
"Go for it!" exclaimed Carly. The other girls agreed, except for Sam.
"Hey if you ask him to dance now, I get the next dance!" joked Sam. Steph nodded. Slowly she got up from her seat, fluffed out her blonde hair and shyly walked over to OC. The girls couldn't make out what she said, because the tables were too far apart to actually hear anything, but they did see OC smile at her. He got up from his chair, took Steph's hand and pulled her out onto the dance floor with him. Steph's entire face lit up.
"Alright, that's it I'm next!" exclaimed Amanda, she got up from her seat, walked right over to Pav, didn't even bother asking him to dance and practically pulled him up from his seat and onto the dance floor. In a matter of seconds, there were smiles on both of their faces.
Meg didn't even have to get up to ask Rammer to dance, because he had actually approached Meg first. He gave her a charming little smile and said with his deep voice, "Meg, right?" Meg nodded. "Do you want to dance?" Meg nodded again. Rammer took Meg's hand and gently wrapped his arms around her on the dance floor.
Carly, Libby and Ashley all gave each evil looks and then they all made a mad dash to get to Johnson first. His eyes went white, when he saw these three women rush over to him, he even looked a bit frightened. Carly won the first dance, but Rizzo settled the dispute by making out a "rotation" to dance with Johnson. Carly would go first, then Libby, then Ashley and then back to Carly and so on.
Buzzy and Rizzo approached the table next. The two of them both shot smiles at Chrissy and Janine. In the ned, it was Buzzy with Janine and Rizzo with Chrissy.
Kelli and Jimmy both got up at the same time and met half-way on the dance floor. No words were spoken, just smiles exchanged and they too were also a cute couple on the dance floor.
Lauren just stayed in her seat watching her friends as they had fun with their hockey boys. She really wasn't doing much except drinking her beer. She jumped when she just realized that Bah was standing next to her chair towering over her.
"Lauren, do you want to dance?" he asked. Lauren hesitated at first. She stood up from her seat, but still didn't give him an answer.
"Sure she would!" exclaimed Sam. Out of nowhere, she pushed Lauren into Bah's strong arms.
"Yes I'd love to." said Lauren. She and Bah joined the other love-struck couples out on the dance floor. Bah's arms felt so secure around Lauren, and his eyes were just amazing. They were a deep, clear blue that you could just get lost in. Without thinking, Lauren said, "You have really beautiful eyes." Bah grinned.
"Your just beautiful in general." he said, "Hey, do you want to get out of here?" Lauren nodded. She went back over to the table, grabbed her purse and she and Bah left the club, holding hands.....

Chapter 3

Bah and Lauren started walking down 54th street. It was a bit chilly, being as how it was mid-August. Lauren shivered.
"Are you cold?" asked Bah.
"Oh, no, I'm fine." lied Lauren, teeth slightly chattering. Bah smiled and took his jacket off. He wrapped it around Lauren's arms.
"Are all New Yorkers as stubborn as you?" teased Bah. Lauren chuckled.
"I see you're a hockey fan." said Bah.
"How can you tell?" asked Lauren.
"Your necklace." replied Bah.
"What sharp little eyes you have." teased Lauren.
"Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet..." said Bah. Lauren half smiled and raised an eyebrow.
"So, how long have you lived in New York?" asked Bah, trying to make conversation.
"All my life. I moved here when I was three months old, just after my parents divorced." answered Lauren.
"Where did you live before then?"
"Killeen, Texas." and answered Lauren, "Where are you from?"
"Anoka, Minnesota." replied Bah proudly.
"What's your real name?" asked Lauren
"Nate." replied Bah. "I'm usually never called that, unless I'm in trouble." Lauren chuckled and said, "I know how you feel. My real name is Lauren Dana, but I'm never called that unless I'm in trouble too."
Bah and Lauren started their way into Times Square, Bah was so amazed by it that, even as tall as he was, he had to crane his head up to see everything.
"Wow, this is awesome!" exclaimed Bah. Lauren smiled, and then she had an idea.
"Come with me!" Before Bah could even answer, Lauren had already garbbed his hand, pulled him across the street and into the Marriot Marquis.
"Ooh, are we getting a room?" joked Bah. Lauren smiled and rolled her eyes. She pulled Bah into the elevator and up to the 8th floor. Once the elevator stopped, Lauren pulled Bah over to the Times Square cafe. It was closed now and the floor wasn't revolving. The lights were off and no one else was there, but you could still see everything perfectly from window.
"Wow!" breathed Bah, "This is sweet. How'd you know about this place?"
"I work here." answered Lauren.
"Lucky you." said Bah. The two of them stared out at the view for long time and then finally left the hotel when it started to get late.
"Thank you for bringing me here." said Bah. He gave Lauren's hand a squeeze.
"Your welcome." said Lauren as she and Bah continued walking.
"I really love it here." said Bah looking around.
"Yeah me too. It's my life." said Lauren. "I was raised in a small town outside of New York City in the suburbs, ever since my first trip to NYC, when I saw the Christmas Spectacular with my family one year, I've vowed that I would live here. Now I even go to school here."
"Really? What school?" asked Bah.
"SUNY Purchase. It's actually about 10 minutes away, but I figured this was my one chance to actually get to live here. So, it's really not that bad of a commute." replied Lauren.
As if it was a sign or something, a down pour started.
"Oh crap." said Lauren, trying not to get wet from the rain.
"Oh, well." said Bah.
"Here, come on, my apartment's not to far away." said Lauren. She pulled Bah toward the apratment building and they quickly went up to Lauren's apartment.
Nelly greeted both Lauren and Bah right at the door.
"Aww, whose this?" asked Bah.
"That's Nelly." answered Lauren. She threw her purse on the kitchen counter. Bah came down the small flight of stairs and started looking around.
"This is a cute apartment." said Bah.
"Thanks. I'm just gonna put your jacket in the dryer, that way that's atleast dry for you." called Lauren from the hall closet. There was no answer. Lauren figured that wasn't a bad thing, so she just threw the jacket in the dryer and waited. She leaned aginst the dryer, back towards the closet door.
She almost jumped when she felt muscular hands grip her sides and warm lips caressing her neck. Bah turned Lauren around so that she was facing him. They looked into each others eyes and started to lean in toward each other.
"Oh god, you're too tall." said Lauren pulling away.
"What?" asked Bah, a little confused.
"Move back." said Lauren.
"How come?" asked Bah. Lauren bit her lip to keep from laughing.
"Because I am going to jump onto the dryer and I don't want to kick you in the balls in the process." said Lauren honestly.
"Oh." said Bah. He inched back from the dryer and almost in a reflex, covered his groin area. Lauren got situated on the dryer and said, "Now where were we?"
Bah smiled boyishly and walked back over to Lauren. He stood between Lauren's legs against the dryer and wapped his arms around Lauren's waist.
"Do you always ruin perfectly romantic moments?" teased Bah.
"That's better." said Lauren. She had perfect eye contact with Bah. They both closed their eyes and placed their mouths upon each other's. Lauren reached up Bah's shirt, feeling every muscle line on his chest. Bah lifted Lauren up and carried her into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him, shutting the world out from them.


Sorry, that was a bit looooooong!
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I'll be first! [Aug. 1st, 2004|09:22 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle

mkay I'll start!
I'm Libby, I my fav Miracle Boy is Eric Peter-Kaiser. I wrote a fanic about a month ago...and it was set as if we were with the real players...here it is!

Johnson & Libby

Libby was sitting at the bar that night with her three closest girlfriends from college. Amanda, a fiesty redheaded Irish-girl who was 23; Meg, a sweet brownhaired girl of 20, and Janine, a gorgeous African Amercian girl who was 21. Libby herself was the youngest, a mere 19, but she was witty and could hold her own. Libby was tall, blonde and has breathtakingly blue eyes. She was a pre-Law student at UM. All the girls looked exceptionally cute, and Libby had planned her outfit to wear for hours. A black halter-neck top, and a short red skirt with sandals. She loved dressing up.

Mark Johnson sat at the bar with his hockey buddies. These were not ANY hockey players; this was the soon to be 1980 Olympic Hockey team. Mark was a nice, sweet guy of 22. Light brown hair topped his head, and he had large, bright blue eyes. He was tall, about 6'3'' but not intimidating at all. On the contrary, he was almost shy, especially when it came to girls. Or his hockey skills. It was pretty much established that Mark was the best player on the team. Everyone knew, and even Makr knew, but he wasn't arrogant enough to flaunt it. He just took everything in stride and was thankful for the gift he had been given.

The girls sat around eyeing the boys in the room. Libby had a special penchant for hockey players, and all her friends knew it. The only thing was, she knew that most hockey players had major egos, and she had definitely experienced this before; so she was always careful around them.

The hockey team sat drinking, talking laughing and checking out the girls in the room. Most of the boys were single and looking to have some fun that night. Some were dancing, others were hanging around the bar trying to pick up a girl. But Mark just sat and watched. As soon as he came in, a lovely blonde girl has caught his attention. He could not stop looking at her the entire night. Eventually, his teammates began to notice his quietness and realized he had a girl on his mind. This girl just happened to be Libby.

"Hey bro....who'yah eyein'?" asked Bah Harrington.

"Yea man, you've barely said a word all night and you havent even touched your beer, whats the problem?" Jim Craig chimed in.

"See the girl over there, by the bar? The blonde one in the red skirt with those three other girls?" replied Mark.

"Yea, I see her, she's cute. You like her or somethin'? Jim said,

Mark blushes and takes a sip of his beer, visibly flustered.

"Oh my gawd, you totally like this chick, " Jack O'Callahan busts in from the other end of the table, "go talk to her! Get up you chicken! Go dance or something!"

"I don't know. She probably has a boyfriend or something," Mark replies.

"Yea, well you'll nevah know until yah go find out," Jack insists, "I'll go talk to her if you won't" as he gets up before Mark has a chance to stop him.

"Hi, I'm Jack, whats your name?" Jack approaches Libby.

"I'm Libby, Jack, it's nice to meet you." Libby says

"Uh, see that table with all the guys at it? The guy in the red plaid shirt? Well, he think's youre cute and he wants to know if you have a boyfriend becasue he's too shy to come over and talk to you if he's going to get rejected." Jack explains.

"Hum. Are you guys hockey players?" Libby inquires

"Well,yea, we're trying out to be on the olympic team, we're here for a few months."

"Oh wow. Well, um, no, I dont have a boyfriend. Whats your friend's name?"

"Mark Johnson. He's a really good guy."

"Tell Mark I think he's pretty cute and he should come talk to me."

"Will do! Later sweetheart."

Jack goes back to the boys and tells the news to Johnson. Johnson suddenly gets very nervous, but excited as well. He decided to go and talk to Libby.

Libby gets nervous as well. She's usually outgoing, but can get very very nervous and a guy she likes. She sees Johnson walking across the bar.

"Hi......I'm Mark, my friend Jack sent me over." Mark says tentatively

"Hi! I'm Libby, it's nice to meet you Mark!" Libby replies enthusiastically. The two immediately hit it off. Libby is very impressed at Mark's eloquence, as some hockey players she knows are quite the brutes. Mark is entralled by Libby's eyes, and the way the bites her lip when she's thinking of something to say. They talk about school, and their families, and seem to have a lot in common as they hit it off very well.

"Would you...like to dance?" Johnson finally gets the nerve to ask Libby.

"Of course i would! I love to dance! Lets go!" Libby takes Johnson's hand as he leads her out to the dance floor.

The two dance together all night, until Libby's friend Amanda pulls her away for a few seconds.

"You REALLY like him, don't you, Lib??" Amanda grins and she sees how happy Libby is.

"Yea, I really do. He's a hockey player Mand, and he's sooo sweet, you wouldnt believe it."

"Well, there's this guy that was sitting at his table....the one in the hat....see him? I think he's adorable. You need to ask Mark if he's a nice guy. Please Lib???"

"Sure thing! Hold on a sec."

Libby goes to find Johnson and asks about the guy in the hat.

"Pav? Oh yea! He's a great guy! Mark Pavelich. He's 22, and kinda shy. But he's a really good kid. Smart, helluva player, real decent. Do you want me to introduce you?"

"Well, see, Its my friend Amanda," Libby points out Amanda across the room, "she's been eyeing him and she wants to meet him...could you help me?"

"Of course" Mark says.

Amanda and Pav hit it off terrificaly and soon Libby and Johnson were bac on the dance floor. During fast songs, He's put his hands on her hips as she pressed against his body. During slow songs, Libby would rest her head on Johnson's shoulder and let him just hold her as they moved along with the music.

"Do you want to come back to my room? It's not too far from here," Johnson's heart beat wildly as he asked Libby, he had never been so farward with a girl he just met. But he had a special feeling about her.

"Sure," Libby replied, her heart beating wildly as well, because she was usually pretty reserved with guys.

Johnson takes her hand as they walk out of the club and down the street to the dormitories where the team was staying. They walk up the stairs hand in hand, and stop outside the door to his room. Johnson take Libby's face in his hands and says,

"Elizabeth, you have the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, " as he kisses her softly on the cheek. The light kisses then move slowly to the mouth, and Libby reciprocates them, and her heart flutters because he is the most amazing kisser she has ever experienced. She feels so comfortable with him.

"Should we go inside?" Libby asks after a few minutes of kissing in the hall. "Absolutley," Johnson replies. The move into his room and continue their makeout on his bed.

As much as they both wanted to stay, and as much as Libby loved the way Johnson held her, and he loved the way she ran her fingers thorugh his hair, they both knew that Libby had to leave sometime.

"Mark........" Libby tries to say it, "I really should be going, I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow"

"You know, I wouldnt make you do anything you didnt want to do...I'm not like that," Mark tells her,

"No...no! I know that, Mark," Libby senses what he is saying, "but i really do have a lot of thise to do tomorrow, and I just cant stay...I hope you understand."

"Of course, of course, It's completely alright. Can I call you tomorrow, then?"

"Yea, I hope you do!" Libby replies, "I'll see you later Mark, " as she gives him one last sweet kiss goodbye, "I don't want to leave either."

And she walks out of the room, wishing she didn't have to go.
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welcome! [Aug. 1st, 2004|07:08 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle

[mood |amusedamused]

Hey everyone! this is a journal for posting all of your fantasies about your miracle men! I hope everyone enjoys it here, and start posting. I hope everyone has a great time!
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