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Chapter two of the story. Tell me what you think honestly. Also tell… - Do You Believe In Miracles? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Fantasies of Miracle

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[Nov. 12th, 2004|05:42 pm]
The Fantasies of Miracle


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Chapter two of the story. Tell me what you think honestly. Also tell me if I am overloading you with reading.
The next day, Katee got up around 3:30 so she could get ready to get to the set. Thank god her hair was done by the stylists and all she had to do was shower and throw it up. Katee got in her car and sped to the studio. She was 2 minutes early. How did she get so lucky? Its her gift.
“Hey! You’re here early...well not that much. How was your lack of sleep?” Patrick asked with a huge grin.
“It was good, I just don’t see how you could be so perky in two hours...having to dance and all.” Katee said with a yawn.
“Well seeing beautiful girls helps me wake up. I didn’t go to sleep last night. I didn’t see the point. I watched the Flyers play the Rangers though. It was good...the part that I saw at least,” Patrick said.
“Katee, you are needed in costume. Go to Jamie to get your hair done. HURRY!” called a producer.
“See ya soon dance partner,” Patrick called as Katee ran to the costume room.
“Everyone ready? And cue the music,” Gavin said loudly.
Patrick and Katee danced to “Don’t Fear the Reaper” a popular hit back in 79.
“So how am I doing?” Patrick asked.
“You are a fabulous dancer. I wouldn’t mind dancing with you again,” Katee said sweetly.
“Well maybe tomorrow night you and I could go out. I don’t have anymore filming after tonight since these are the last scenes being shot,” Patrick said.
“Well, I would love to. Have fun at the closing party tonight,” Katee said happily.
“You are going to get sick of me, but you should come with me..as my guest. It would be a lot of fun..even though it just gonna be the guys that played in the movie like Manto, Eddie, and Bobby,” Patrick said joyfully.
“Sure, it will be a lot of fun,” Katee said.
“Alright, let me go back to my hotel and change and I will meet you back here? Or you can come to my room with me and we can go together so I don’t get lost? Whatever you wanna do,” Katee said after the long day she had.
“Ok let me just get my coat,” Patrick said walking towards the locker room.
Back at the hotel room Katee was having a dilemma.
“What should I wear? Jeans and a shirt? Ok definitely jeans, but what about for a shirt? I have a BU shirt that I can wear. Alright let me go get changed,” Katee said grabbing her stuff and running to get changed.
“Whatever you wear, you are going to look fine. As for your hair, which I have a feeling you might have trouble with, throw it up in a snot knot. You have the type of hair that will look cute with one in,” Patrick said slowly.
“Wow...that was so hair stylistic I can’t believe it came out of your mouth. Ok I am done, what do you think?” Katee says coming out of the bathroom.
“Wow. BU never looked so good. Love the hair. You don’t need make-up, you are a natural beauty,” Patrick said caringly.
“Alright, I am ready. Let’s go,” Katee said through applying Sephora lip gloss. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
The two arrived at the party just in time.
“Hey Patrick, Hey Katee. Glad you could make it. You look great,” Mike said as they came to the door.
“Thanks, it took me a while to get ready. I hope it is ok,” Katee said..looking for a place to check her hair.
“There is a mirror in the bathroom,” Eddie said.
“Thanks... I will be right back.” Katee said walking off.
“So, how did you get so lucky for her to give you the time of day?” Bobby asked.
“Back off. She’s mine. So what do you guys think of her?” Patrick asked.
“I like her. She seems very nice and sincere. She does know that she looks good though right?” Mike asked with a giggle.
“Hahaha very funny. I guess she just wants to make a good impressions, that’s all. In my eyes, she has made the impression hard.” Patrick said.
“Alright. I’m back. So, great job in the movie.” Katee said.
“Great job of falling... it was beautiful. Would you like something to drink? We are all gonna play a game... twenty questions or something. Or truth or dare. We haven’t decided yet.” Mike said jokingly.
“Umm sure. I feel like I am at a seventh grade sleep over again...but I love it. So what would you like to drink Patrick? I am going over there and I will save ya the trip,” Katee said with a smile.
“Absolut Raspberry if they have it, if not then just a coke. Thanks,” Patrick said moving to the living room.
Katee thinks to herself, oh my god that is my favorite drink too! Man I love this guy. She gets the drinks and goes to find a seat.
“Here ya go, [handing him the Absolut Raspberry] the only two left,” Katee said with a smile.
“Alright Katee...your turn to be in the spotlight. Are you currently in love with anyone?” Billy asked.
“Yeah, I am...but I don’t think he would ever love me back, so we won’t get onto that subject,” Katee said weakly.
“Whose turn now?” Eddie asked impatiently.
“Patrick’s,” said Joe.
“I’ll ask,” said Eric.
“Ok, so are you in love right now?” Eric asks with a smile.
“You guys need some new questions but ok I don’t know. I am stuck in the middle,” Patrick said.
“Ok, well that was fun. Everyone got a question asked. So maybe we should just go to sleep?” Mike says.
“Well, sleep over deja vu. I’ll tell ya. I need an aspirin, have any in the kitchen?” Katee asks.
“Yeah in the cabinet. Just grab a couple and the glasses are in the cupboard.” Mike says with a glance toward the kitchen.
“Hey, Katee. Are you ok?” Patrick asks following her to the kitchen.
“Yeah, I am fine. I just need to get rid of my headache. You seem to like making sure that I am ok don’t you?” Katee asked.
“Yeah, I just like caring for really nice sweet people.”Patrick said.
“Well I should be getting back to my hotel. I have a date tomorrow.” Katee said.
“I’ll walk you to your car!” Patrick said.
“Thank you for having me. Tonight was a lot of fun. I’ll see you guys again sometime!” Katee said.
“I’ll be right back in. I want to make sure she gets to her care safely.” Patrick said moving to the door.
They get to Katee’s car.
“Thank you for inviting me. I had an amazing time.” Katee said.
“Oh, don’t mention it, I like spending time with you. You are a lot of fun.” Patrick said.
“Good night. See you tomorrow,” Katee said.
“Bye,” Patrick said with admiration.